Internal Field Joint Coating Robot

Internal Field Joint Coating Robot

MEM had developed its robots fleet for the Internal Joint Field Coating activities together with M/s. Ruida and have been dealing as the main distributor / agent for executing all the work related to Internal Joints Coating. Our robots fleet could negotiate sizes starting from 4″ all the way to 56″. The robots are available, and they are of unique type as they are able to coat up to 30-40 joints per container and able to move up to 850meter with excellent connection.

Our robots first clean or blast the joint, and then applies the coating applications required by the client, and finally the inspection part of the robots is capable of showing real time thickness measurements of data at four points, along with visual display using the robots high resolution video cameras, and are also capable of doing holiday test.

They are attached also with magnets that are very efficient in removing any ferrous residuals.



  • Increasing the pipeline service life
  • Improve flow efficiency / Production rate
  • Reduce maintenance costs and the need for constant pigging
  • Prevents corrosion on the pipeline
  • Different coating applications for different operating conditions

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