Disc Pigs

Metal Bodied Pigs generally comprises of Polyurethane guide discs, sealing discs, spacer discs along with many other accessories like cup discs, brushes, gauge plates, magnets, tracking houses, jet heads etc. These discs give an excellent seal to the pipe wall and are well suited for all pigging operations during a pipeline’s lifespan from pre-commissioning, commissioning to operational duties and finally de-commissioning.

The Discs and its accessories are mounted on a steel body tube and held in position by metallic flanges and are designed in such a manner that they can be re-used several times by only replacing the components.

MEM’s metal work and designs are manufactured by well reputed and expertise firms in town using the highest standards of C. St or St. St or Aluminum bodies and assembling them with our high-quality polyurethane components and accessories that takes our pigs into a world of a classy level. They look wonderful when they finish.

Bi Directional Batching Pig

Bi- Directional Batching Pigs are normally composed of Polyurethane Discs. They generally consist of Guide disc, Seal Disc and Spacer discs. They are generally used as a barrier between two or more fluids flowing in the same pipeline and thereby reducing hazards and losses due to fluid contaminations. They are also used for removing the products from the pipelines.

Bi Directional Cleaning Brush Pig

Bi-Directional Cleaning Brush Pig has a similar shape as compared to batching pigs, the difference is that the cleaning brush pigs has brush assembled along with the seal, guide and spacer discs. There are basically 2 types of brushes that are assemble on the pig they are:

  • Circular Brushes (Could be C. St Wires, St. St wire, Plastic wires or Polyurethane Blades)
  • Spring Brushes (Could be C. St Wires, St. St wire, Plastic wires or Polyurethane Blades)


They are used for cleaning of rust, mud, sand, wax, oxides, unwanted organic materials or any other foreign particles present inside the pipelines.

Bi Directional Gauging Pig

Bi- Directional Gauging Pigs basically has a gauge plate replaced with the brush in the Brush Pig. Gauging Pigs are generally used to find out excess weld penetration or any other debris that exist inside the pipeline. They are also used to prove the ovality of the pipes and minimum bend required prior to intelligent pigging.

Bi Directional Magnetic Pig

In the Bi- Directional Magnetic Pigs high quality Magnetic boxes are fitted in the bodies of the pigs. These are normally used for cleaning of any ferrous material that may be present inside the pipelines. They can also be used for pig tracking. They are normally mounted on the middle of the carbon steel pig body.

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