Cup Pigs

Cup type batching pigs are used for standard pigging operations such as filling and dewatering during hydrostatic testing, routine batching operations, and product removal. Cup pigs can also be equipped with brushes, blades, or gauging plates, allowing it to perform all the duties of batching, gauging, hydrostatic testing, product removal, pre-commissioning and on-stream cleaning.

The cup design allows for negotiation multi internal pipe diameters and up to 10% reductions or deformations in nominal same size of a pipe. Cup pigs can be easily configured with discs in lieu of cups, or adding guide, sealing and spacer discs for additional sealing capabilities.

Uni Directional Batching Pig

Uni – Directional Batching Pigs are the simplest models of Cup Pigs. They are generally used as a barrier between two or more fluids flowing in the same pipeline and thereby reducing hazards and losses due to fluid contaminations. They are also used for removing the products from the pipelines. The conical Cup design allows negotiation of pipes internal diameter. The seals, spacers and guide discs can be placed on the same body, in place of the cups as per the requirements.

Uni – Directional Cleaning Brush Pig

Uni-Directional Cleaning Brush Pig has a similar shape as compared to batching pigs earlier mentioned, the main difference is that the cleaning brush pigs has brush assembled along with the Cups. There are basically 2 types of brushes that are assemble on the pig they are:

  • Circular Brushes
  • Spring Brushes


They are used for cleaning of rust, mud, sand, wax, oxides, unwanted organic materials or any other foreign particles present inside the pipelines.

Uni – Directional Gauging Pig

Uni- Directional Gauging Pigs basically has a gauge plate assemble with the Pig. Gauging Pigs are generally used to find out excess weld penetration or any other debris that exist inside the pipeline. They are also used to prove the roundness of the pipes and minimum bend required prior to intelligent pigging. These plates normally have slits cut in them to find out the deformation easily. Gauge plates are generally made around 5-10% lesser as compared to the inner diameter of the pipe.

Uni – Directional Magnetic Pig

In the Uni- Directional Magnetic Pigs, high force Magnetic boxes are fitted in the bodies of the pigs. These are normally used for cleaning of any ferrous material that may be present inside the pipelines. They can also be used for pig tracking. They are normally mounted on the middle of the carbon steel pig body.

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