In the Middle East Market, MEM has notched not only the Pig manufacturing industry but also in the manufacture of its accessories too. MEM’s Pig accessories attains the highest quality that could be given in the market. We provide a wide range of accessories which include all kinds of spare parts and add-on components for the pigs and a variety of other equipment that could encourage the pigging process.

Inflatable Stoppers

The versatile Inflatable Stoppers are used to service variety of industrial applications. For instance, !epic testing, preventing foreign bodies entering pipelines during downtime, weld purging and preventing machine swarf or tools from falling into pipes.

Circular and Spring-Loaded Brushes

For cleaning and scrapping the pipelines, customized sizes of brushes can be designed for any schedules of pipelines. Spring loaded brushes are recommended for sizes above 24″.

High Strength Magnets

There are many instances where metals and other ferrous materials gets trapped in the pipelines. High strength magnets are used to remove these particles

Gauge Plate

Gauging plates are used for checking out-of-round pipes, dents or anomalies in the line.
The most common material used is aluminum but steel is also available. Typically used in either progressive pigging applications or new pipeline construction.

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