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Since its formation in Jan 2014, Middle East Manufacture of Pipe Cleaning Equipment Ltd. “MEM” started its activities in designing & manufacturing of Pigs and Foam Pigs for the oil and gas industry within the region. With our flag “Quality Comes First” MEM was positioned as a leader of producing one of the finest products that is tailored designed to suit the client’s specific requirements. Since the beginning MEM was financially aided by M/s. Khalifa Fund in Abu Dhabi who supported all our activities and granted a lot of help among their program of leading the local industrial projects in the UAE.

Managed by our experienced personnel and with a workforce of fully trained engineers and technicians, MEM was the main choice for a lot of the pre-commissioning and pipeline contractors & end users.

MEM manufactures a wide range of materials and is specialized in producing Metal Bodied Polyurethane Pigs, Polyurethane foam Pigs and provides several related accessories such as Steel Brushes, Plough Blades, Alm Gauging Plates, High Force Magnets, Tracking Tools, Transmitter Housings, Acoustic Pinger Housings and Isotope Housing of any required sizes. Along with that, MEM provides tools those represent solutions for a lot of the sub-sea and onshore applications.

Our Designs have been developed, tested and field-proven in some of the most difficult applications known for pigs. We design them for Multi Diameter, Long runs and for those un-piggable pipelines. We always provide unique designs that allows them to negotiate what is required out of them. MEM works very closely with the clients to design and develop pipeline pigs which offers high performance solution for the pipelines integrity. MEM also performs various tests like abrasion, wear, tensile strength, elasticity tests, on its final products to make sure that the required mechanical properties are never altered. We committed ourselves to sell only the best.

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